Sunday, 9 December 2012

Our very own 'wreck-it' Ralph

Having lost our 15 yr old Staffie Busta back in August we decided that now was the time to start looking into another dog. We went down to the rescue shelter yesterday and absolutely fell in love with this chap. He's very petite and at first we thought he was a girl and found ourselves considering a girl as we loved him so much, the shelter guessed him to be about 4 but he's very young looking and has many puppy traits as well as size.

He's fantastic with kids, we socialized with him for a while to see how he would respond to the boys and he's brilliant.
We bought him home within hours of meeting him and once at home he's never failed to let us know he was the right choice. He's impeccably well behaved, doesn't want to be on the furniture and loves his bed, slept there last night and he's even had a bath. He's down as unclaimed, I really can't understand it as someone has taken the time to train him, he's not boisterous at all, in fact he's very very gentle.

He's very calm for a staffie, loves other dogs and walks very obediently by your side. The only thing I can say about him is that he likes teddies and is checking out all the Christmas ones and even tried to take a mickey beanie to bed last night so that's on his Christmas list.

We've named him 'wreck-it' Ralph though we're hoping that he doesn't take to wrecking things at all.