Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Disney Cruise Line

As always, like any other Disney World nut we are forever in planning mode, as our holiday approaches fast we're already thinking of the next one. This time we're thinking of something a little, well in reality a huge bit different.

We're thinking of visiting the West Coast but with the added variety of a Disney Cruise. I love the idea of this but I can't find any prices past 2013 yet. And it'd be 2014 maybe even 2015 before we have enough saved up.

What are your hints and tips on DCL? Maybe you've done a cruise that ended or began in LA, maybe you have videos you'd like to share?


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Big news from the World of Mouse

Well, last week Disney announced they'd bought Lucasfilm, and as a household where Star Wars thrives we're excited by this announcement. Our youngest is 4 tomorrow and rather than visiting the Mouse et al, all he's bothered about is the Jedi Training Academy! I await very impatiently any expansions and further news regarding the future of Star Wars...

In other news, I'm absolutely dismayed that Disney have decided to do away with the Main St Bakery, MK and make it a Starbucks! What are they thinking?!
Every trip we stop off for breakfast in the bakery, I wouldn't care so much if they were just changing the coffee to starbucks but to do away with all those goodies is a travesty! An outrage! Now, I've read many comments and only 2 or 3 have had something positive to say. Walt would surely turn in his grave.

I'll no longer be walking right down the middle of main st usa, I'll be crossing over onto the other side of the street, not in protest but to avoid the smell of coffee that'll now ooze onto Main St rather than all those yummy smells :(

So what's your thoughts on these 2 changes? please share