Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My first day as a blogger....

Today my best friend Sarah and I took our 2 7/8 yr olds to see Disney's Brave. I can say I'm glad to not have taken our 3 yr old as quite simply he'd have been terrified of the dark moments with the witch and the bear, now I wont say anymore on what happens as I don't want to give it away.

i have read mixed reviews on the movie but I and Sarah thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the boys though I doubt they actually understood what the story was about, I'd say family loyalty, though if this isn't the whole point then someone please enlighten me.

As usual Disney have the soundtrack spot on and it's definitely something I'd listen to again. Merida is not your usual girly princess and it was definitely more of an action type, humourous animation than a sing-a-long type love story. There was some magic but not the creepy voodoo that put me right off The Princess and the Frog.

 On another note, husband just arrived home with a kfc, including 'cream balls'... these look amazing...

And, just to demonstrate how much the Disney magic has taken hold of our lives, our 7 yr old manages to spill his gravy after just a few dips and discovers this... good enough for us

We've had so many totally random hidden Mickeys I'll have to hunt for the pics from bruises to eyes on a potato! Where have you found Mickeys?

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  1. We went to see Brave on Tuesday and loved it, I agree, quite dark in places (reminded me of Princess and the Frog in that respect) but loose on the story. I cant see why they have made a huge deal of the archery business. Anywho, welcome to the world of blogging. I hope we get a post on how to make a countdown calendar soon!!!!