Friday, 28 September 2012

A 3 day extension

So I rang the travel agents to try and extend our 14 day trip to 16 as with almost 2 days of traveling it seems like a 12 day holiday. Problem being, that I hadn't realised that it would mean arriving in London on a Sunday and this would mean less connections available to bring us back up home. 8 hours in Gatwick, jetlagged and with 2 kids was a no no, but rather than just make do with the 14 nights we've ended up with 17! This will of course mean saying offsite for those 3 extra nights, but we found a really good price for the Holiday Inn Resort LBV, and means having to juggle our 14 day expiry park tickets but who cares, an extra 3 nights away from a dreary and frozen Britain and I'm sold.

So we now have 7 nights in Jambo House at the Animal Kingdom Villas, 7 nights on The Boardwalk and 3 nights at the Holiday Inn in LBV.


  1. I would have gone to the beach for the extra days... away from the temptation of parks. Although, id be tempted to start my park tickets on day 3 so i could watch the fireworks on my last night. Another option would be to do disney resorts on those 3 days and shopping?

  2. We've done Vero Beach on a few occasions when flying into Miami but this time we're flying into Orlando International so would rather not take the long drive, that and the fact that we'd normally stay on points and the rack rate is a lot more.

    The plan is to do universal and seaworld to start with and keep the Disney tickets to do just as you say and see the fireworks on our last night