Saturday, 10 November 2012

Big news from the World of Mouse

Well, last week Disney announced they'd bought Lucasfilm, and as a household where Star Wars thrives we're excited by this announcement. Our youngest is 4 tomorrow and rather than visiting the Mouse et al, all he's bothered about is the Jedi Training Academy! I await very impatiently any expansions and further news regarding the future of Star Wars...

In other news, I'm absolutely dismayed that Disney have decided to do away with the Main St Bakery, MK and make it a Starbucks! What are they thinking?!
Every trip we stop off for breakfast in the bakery, I wouldn't care so much if they were just changing the coffee to starbucks but to do away with all those goodies is a travesty! An outrage! Now, I've read many comments and only 2 or 3 have had something positive to say. Walt would surely turn in his grave.

I'll no longer be walking right down the middle of main st usa, I'll be crossing over onto the other side of the street, not in protest but to avoid the smell of coffee that'll now ooze onto Main St rather than all those yummy smells :(

So what's your thoughts on these 2 changes? please share


  1. I personally cant wait to see what Starbucks brings, the California version is very good and the food all looks amazing. There have been no confirmation that they are removing the Disney food offerings - just a lot of people jumping to conclusions, so ill wait and reserve judgement for when I see the new menu. Also, a lot of people were confusing main st confectionery with the bakery, which annoyed me slightly. They are also putting a Starbucks in at fountain view in Epcot.

    1. I guess for me it's a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it. Surely can't need the money coming in from a deal with Starbucks

      Thanks for the comment

    2. Its already presented by nescafe now - all they are doing is changing the coffee brand, adding new food (which looks amazing) and changing the decor. Disney have already confirmed they will be serving all your disney favourites and adding new locations for other favourites such as the ice cream sandwich and cinnabon.

      I believe this is the first step to disney partnering with starbucks to provide all its coffee in all parks and resorts, which is a great step as the current situation is terrible. We had a pod of the coffee in Old Key West and it wasnt drinkable. Id love fresh starbucks in the morning.

      I think a lot of people are precious with the food items, I havent heard one argument that Main St bakery is a pretty counter service location - it isnt, its one of the worse in terms of design. I dont like going in there, it was terribly dated and doesnt have the same feel as other places. I think a make-over is going to give it a new lease of life.